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Pipes lead

Lead Pipes


Lead Pipes  are made from Pure Lead Metal or Lead Alloys, which are readily fabricated by extrusion. Lead Metal has excellent property of corrosion resistance and flexibility, Lead Pipes finds many uses in the chemical industry . 

We offer Lead Pipes as per client specification. We produce different sizes of pipes Our standard sizes are min 30mm ID and max 200mm ID. The main application for such Lead Pipes are for Water, Soil Waste, Ventilating, Gas Purpose, Telephones, Telegraph, under ground works, Acids & Chemicals .

Lead Pipes finds many uses in the chemical industry. Lead Pipe for these applications is made from either chemical Pure Lead or up to 6% Antimonial Lead Alloy .


Uses of Lead Pipe : 

In present time, Lead Pipes are mainly used for carriage of corrosive chemicals in chemical plants. The appropriate composition of Lead with other alloying Metal is extruded for cutting into short length 'sleeves' which is used for jointing of Lead Sheathed Cables .